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Philosophy Journal

I am a person who likes to gather interesting pieces of text from the books that I read; poems, snippets from a conversation, chunks of videos from YouTube, Instagram captions, Pinterest pins, Tumblr posts, basically anything that I stumble upon. I note them down at the back of my notebook, screenshot them, highlight them or bookmark them.
I have created this section on my blog to share some of this incredible content that exists at different places. Even though this might seem like a tech oriented blog, I am sure that some philosophy would not harm! Everyone has got a soul, and I consider these pieces of writing as soulfood .

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Being a Product Development Fellow at Hasura

I was selected as one of the product development fellows at Hasura Technologies based on my performance in the examination of their online course on modern application development (IMAD).

It was a three months fellowship (December 2017- February 2018) and all the product development fellows were given a choice to either work on Front End or the Back End, and a framework to choose.
Teams were formed randomly and each team consisted of both front end as well as back end developers.
I had selected Front End Development and chose to work using the React Native Framework.

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[Project] Temperature Control of Peltier Element

The Mini Project of my team for Semester 6 was Temperature Control of a Peltier Element.

The team members who contributed to this project are:
Dhairya Gada (Me)
Kenil Gadhiya 
Gagan Agarwal

 Some of the pictures we clicked while making this project :

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I have explained this project in a series of 10 blog posts :

  1. Objective and Concept

  2. Interfacing Display and Potentiometer for changing the temperature

  3. Reading Temperature Sensor Data

  4. Choosing the Heating and Cooling Element

  5. Low Pass Filter

  6. Generating a High Frequency PWM on Arduino

  7. Determining approximate nature of relation between the pulse width and current through peltier by the filter

  8. Relay Mechanism to change polarity

  9. PID Control Loop

  10. Finishing Touches, Applications and Possible Improvements

Some other important links :

Click here to view PDF of the Schematic

Click here to view the report of this project that we submitted

Click here to go to the github repository of this project


Temperature Control of Peltier Element #5

Low Pass Filter

We have figured out that we’ll be using a Peltier Element which forms the major component of this project, and we are aware that controlling the magnitude of current through Peltier would help us control its temperature.
The question is how do we control the magnitude of current which is very high (upto 4 Amperes) relative to the current that Arduino pins provide which is only in milli-Amperes

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