Advanced Instrumentation System Labs Fluidsim (AIS Lab) Part 3

Experiment 5

A double acting cylinder should extend on pressing a push button “A” and retract automatically after a delay.

Schematic :


Refer to the previous Experiment and associate the operation of Mechanically Operated Valves C and D to the positions L1 and L2 of Double Acting Cylinder.

When Push Button A is pressed, the cylinder moves forward.

Before the cylinder automatically retracts there is a delay, the amount of delay can be changed by changing the opening level of the One Way Flow Control Valve in the Time Delay Valve Arrangement.
Double click on the Time Delay Valve arrangement to change the opening level.

Double Click on this valve.
Edit the opening levels to control the delay.

To observe the delay you will need to view the simulation in slow motion-

1. Go to Options > Simulation..


2. The Simulation Speed is by default on ‘Maintain Real Time‘ , change it to ‘Slow-motion Factor‘ and edit the factor, keep it 10 in this case.  Click ‘OK


View Previous Experiment (Single Cycle and Auto-Cycle)

View Initial Experiments (Speed Control in Forward and Reverse Directions)

You can download the fluidsim files for this Experiments from my GitHub Repository here.

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